How do the Quidco offers work?

1. You sign up to Quidco through FPL and immediately make a purchase.

2. You'll receive an email from Quidco confirming the purchase has tracked on their system.

3. You instantly receive the standard cashback from that transaction. (percentage varies) This will be showing in your tracked cashback on your Quidco account straight away.

4. You can then forward your tracking email from Quidco to and we will add your £10 FPL bonus. (If you have not received this email, we'll need to see a screenshot of your Quidco account.)

5. Your special bonus cashback from Quidco will be added at a later date, when the offer provider credits Quidco. The date for this will be in the T&Cs of the specific offer you took up, but it will usually be a few weeks.

In total you will receive three separate amounts

Standard Quidco Cashback
Special Bonus Quidco Cashback
£10 FPL bonus

At the moment all the Quidco offers on the site are for new customers.

This means you can only redeem an FPL bonus for one offer.

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