My email reminders aren't coming!

We never stop your email reminders unless you ask us to.

You can see if your reminders are switched on, as well as edit your postcode and email address here:  (you will need to be logged in)

If your reminders are already switched on and you're still not receiving them, the problem will lie with your email provider. Users with, Wanadoo and are currently having their emails blocked. this happens occasionally when email providers think we are spamming. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about these bans.

Remember to add to your email contact list and make sure the emails haven't been going to your spam folder.

Head to for more tips on how to ensure your reminders come through properly, or here for more ways to remember to check the site:

If you have checked all these and none of them apply to you but you're still not getting email reminders then contact us. Contact

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