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  • Referral bonus

    You can refer friends and neighbours to join FPL via where you'll find your unique referral code. Copy and paste this into a text, email, on social media, v

  • How do I withdraw my bonus?

    Your bonus is just that- a bonus amount added to your winnings when you win. At this time there is no option to withdraw this money on its own.

  • What is the bonus all about?

    Your Bonus is added to your winnings each time you win.   It accrues over time as you visit the site and invite people to join.   Each day you visit the Main Draw it increases by 1p Each day

  • Why has my bonus disappeared?

    First thing to do would be to log out and back in again: Log out manually (Bottom right of the page) Log back in again manually (Not through the email reminder) If this does not bring your bonus b

  • Why has my bonus decreased?

    The only time your bonus should decrease is when a friend you have referred quits the site. In which case any bonus you have accrued from their referral (up to 20p) will be removed from your bonus tot

  • I have completed an offer but I haven't got my bonus!

    Please ensure you do not have an adblocker turned on for the site. It will interfere with the tracking on the bonus offers. Some offers take up to 24 hours to notify our system.   If you've waited

  • My bonus isn't tracking properly!

    The first penny is added automatically when you visit any page after midnight so you might not notice it go on. The penny for the video and the survey draws are added after you check and then leave

  • What is this loyalty dial all about?

    On your  Account Page right at the top you'll see some funky animated dials. The dial on the left is your Loyalty Score this is calculated over 30 days. You'll start with 100% and each day you don'

  • What are the different draws?

    Jackpot/Main Draw- this is visible on the homepage of the website and is for £500. The prize rolls over every day that it's not claimed. If there are multiple winners for the draw then the prize is sp

  • Do I need to re-enter my postcode every day?

    No.  Once you have registered (and verified your account) your postcode will be entered into the draws (except the bonus draws, more info here).  If you stop checking the site for a prolonged period o

  • My postcode came up in a previous draw, can I claim?

    Winners have 24 hours to claim their prize. Winners of the Main Draw, Survey Draw, Bonus Draw and Video Draw have 24 hours to claim their prize. Winners of the Stackpot Draw have 12 hours to claim

  • How do I claim if my postcode wins?

    If your postcode wins any of the draws you will see a box appear with a big "Collect" button. Once you have claimed the FPL team are notified of your email address, win amount and bonus at the time

  • How long do I have to claim?

    Main Draw, Survey Draw, Bonus Draw & Video Draw- these are drawn at midday and you have until the next draw to claim which is midday the next day. Stackpot - this is drawn twice a day at 9am and 9pm

  • What time are the draws?

    The Main draw is at midday every day. The Survey draw is at midday every day. The Stackpot is drawn at 9am & 9pm every day. The Bonus draws are at midday every day. The Video draw is at mi

  • What is the £5 Flash Draw?

    To celebrate the new “indestructible” £5 note, we added even more chances to win cash every day. The £5 Flash Draw appears in the existing ad slots around the site. There is no special place you need